5 Questions That Hiring Managers Ask Themselves

When preparing for a job interview, the obvious thing to focus on is finding a way to confidently and articulately respond to the questions that you suspect will be asked.

However, as in any other conversation between people, there are other, unspoken questions that hiring managers and recruiters are asking themselves at the same time.

If you can get the answers to these questions right, you are well on your way to being successful with your application.

So, what are the questions that hiring managers ask themselves?

Do I like this person? – This question will generally get answered (without you knowing it) in the first minute of the interview.  It’s important to remember that people don’t hire people they don’t like, so if you can build rapport with your hiring manager, you are well on your way.  So make sure that you smile warmly, shake hands firmly and find out something about the people who are interviewing you.

Can they do the job? – It seems obvious, but if you’re not making it clear that you can do the job (and better than every other candidate), then you’re in trouble.  You have to sell your skills and do it boldly so that recruiters feel confident that they are making the right decision in hiring you.

How will they add value? – With this question, hiring managers aren’t just asking themselves if you can do the job, but are wondering if you can do more.  Do you have the potential to lead, to keep learning, to increase revenue, to improve processes or to innovate?

Will they fit in here? – Culture in any organisation is important, so anything you can do to give the impression that you will be able to get on well with your potential peers will be extremely valuable.

Is what they’re saying true? – If you can’t be trusted, you won’t be hired.  It’s as simple as that.  Don’t make outlandish claims and don’t say anything that you can’t support.  People can generally smell a rat and will question your suitability if you continually exaggerate your capabilities.

These are the five questions that hiring managers often ask themselves.

Make sure that you give them a reason to respond positively to each of them and you will be well on your way to landing a great job.

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Taken from Darren’s Better Life Coaching Blog.

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