The 10 Commandments of Job Interviews

As a career coach and resume writer, I spend a lot of time dispensing advice to clients.

Every situation is different and each client needs specific advice that relates to their particular areas of weakness or the job that they’re applying for.

But these ten interview tips are relevant for most situations.

Some are obvious, some shouldn’t need to be said, but sadly, I’ve seen each of these commandments broken at some stage.

So, here they are, my 10 commandments for interviews:

  1. Always arrive on time.
  2. Don’t swear or use coarse language.
  3. Be conscious of your personal hygiene and grooming.
  4. Practice your answers beforehand.
  5. Research the company, remembering important details such as the organisation’s history and values.
  6. Be conscious of your body language and remember to smile.
  7. Take your time before answering each question.
  8. Dress appropriately for the job.
  9. Don’t give one word answers or talk until your audience’s eyes glaze over.
  10. Remember to breathe!

Following these commandments won’t guarantee that you’ll get the job, but hopefully by being aware of them, you’ll be more confident and poised, increasing your opportunity to be successful.

Taken from Darren’s Better Life Coaching Blog.

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