What Job-Hunters Control (and What They Don’t)

You don’t control the economic climate or the number of jobs that are available.

You do control using all available resources to find the jobs that are out there.

You don’t control what qualifications and skills are required for your dream job.

You do control doing the work to equip yourself for these jobs.

You don’t control how many applications it takes for you to land a job.

You control how many jobs you actually apply for.

You don’t control what questions are asked in interviews.

You do control preparing yourself thoroughly.

You don’t control whether or not the interviewer is good, bad or indifferent.

You do control being an outstanding interviewee.

You don’t control if there is a more suitable candidate for the job than you.

You do control presenting yourself to the best of your abilities so that you don’t regret that you could have done more.

You don’t control how many times your applications are rejected.

You do control your mindset, maintaining a positive attitude and persisting when you don’t feel like it.

You don’t control the prejudices of recruiters.

You do control keeping your head up in spite of them and not using them as an excuse to give up.

Often when job-hunting people focus on what they don’t control. Those who are consistently successful are those who take responsibility for what they do and take control of their future.

Taken from Darren’s Better Life Coaching Blog.

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