What Lions Teach Us About Our Careers

If a lion was to sit around all day, waiting for a meal to come to him, he would starve to death.

He could believe that he was entitled to a zebra to snack on, he could think that it was unfair that he had to hunt or he could complain that it was too hot to run around.

But if he doesn’t hunt, he doesn’t eat.

Alternatively, if a lion gets up, searches for his prey, uses an effective hunting strategy and expends energy to catch his meal, he has a full stomach.

He understands that he eats what he kills.

We’re much the same.

A successful career is not something that you’re entitled to and it will take hard work to establish.

But if you take the initiative, look for opportunities, work to a strategy and expend the energy required, you give yourself a chance to have a flourishing career.

You may think that it’s all too hard, not entirely fair and not guaranteed to work.

But just like the lion, we eat what we kill.

Taken from Darren’s Better Life Coaching Blog.

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