Quick summary: Today’s job market is a super competitive one, with hundreds of people applying for the same jobs.  In this workshop, Darren outlines the principles involved in finding jobs, applying for them and interviewing successfully, giving you the advantage that you need to get the job that you’re after.

Presentation Outline:  In the Career Workshop, Darren uses stories, examples and his extensive knowledge of the job market to cover such important career-related topics as:

  1. The reality of the current job market. If you listen to the media, job-hunting is all doom and gloom.  Is it really as bad as it seems?  Is finding your dream job just a fantasy or can it become a reality?
  2. How to find out what your dream job is.  Using a simple, easy to remember acronym, Darren shows you how to identify the key attributes that make up your dream job.  Once you’re armed with this information, you’re ready to go to the next level.
  3. How to find job vacancies.  If 80% of job vacancies are never advertised, how do you tap into this hidden job market?  Darren shows you how to use online and personal resources to find job vacancies and even have recruiters find you.
  4. How to ensure that your application gets to the top of the pile. Now that you know what your dream job is and you have found a vacancy, you will need an effective resume, cover letter and professional network to ensure that you get an interview.  In this section, Darren outlines the principles that will help get your application to the top of the pile.
  5. How to prepare for interviews.  Why are some people able to perform well in interviews while others flounder?  Darren uses his extensive coaching skills to help his audience overcome nerves and maximise their performance.

Target Audience:  We spend so much time at work during our lives, it would be a shame to waste it doing something that you don’t enjoy or that doesn’t matter.  This presentation is for anyone who wants to maximise their careers, whether you’re currently employed or not.

In the past, this presentation has been especially helpful and relevant for high school and university students, recent migrants, mums returning to the workforce and older workers.

Possible Formats:  This presentation can be delivered in a variety of contexts and timeframes.  It can be used as an hour-long keynote speech, a half-day workshop or broken up and delivered as three in-depth presentations over three sessions.

Intended Outcomes:  At the end of this presentation, members of the audience will:

  • Be better equipped to find meaningful work.
  • Have more confidence in their abilities.
  • Have more hope about the future of your career.

Topic Authority:  Darren is:

  • A dynamic speaker with extensive experience in inspiring, equipping and encouraging people to be their best in front of audiences ranging from 20 to 500.
  • The co-founder of Advantage Resumes and Career Services, a successful business that specialises in assisting clients in finding their dream jobs.
  • The writer of the Better Life Coaching Blog, one of the leading personal development blogs on the internet.
  • A Life Coach with more than 10 years experience in helping people reach their goals in all aspects of life, specialising in careers.

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